What’s Happening

Congrats to Amy!

In 2017, Amy completed her final exams and is now officially a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.   Congrats, Amy!

Amy has decided to part ways with Kainos this spring and start her own business.  Please join us in wishing her the best!

EFT Couples Therapy

Tim and Amy spent four days in November (2016) at the externship training for Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.  Here are some takeaways that they are now incorporating into their sessions with couples.

Tim – Couples cannot express their deepest, most painful emotions and needs until safety is completely and consistently established.  We need to allow couples to be in the stage of therapy they are in without trying to push them forward too quickly.

Amy – What one is displaying outwardly to their spouse is often a cover for a much deeper, more vulnerable emotion.  Therapy allows us to connect down into those emotions and create enactments for expression of these deeper emotions and needs.

Tim – There is nothing more impactful than relentless, empathetic curiosity.

Welcome, Dion!

Please join us in warmly welcoming Dion Davis to the team.   Dion became an official staff therapist at Kainos this week after successfully completing our six week pre-employment training course.    Check back soon for his biography.

Welcome, Dion!

Tim is now an NCC

Clinic Director Tim Long is now officially an NCC – National Certified Counselor.  This certification was conferred on Tim by the National Board for Certified Counselors (www.nbcc.org).

Congrats, Tim!

EFT Couples Therapy Training November 2016

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy is proven to be one of the most successful couples therapy models available, helping couples to find deep healing and make lasting relational change.

This November, Dr. Sue Johnson, creator of EFT Couples Therapy, will be presenting her introductory workshop in Los Angeles. This four-day seminar will be held November 7 – November 10, 2016. A gifted therapist and passionate instructor, Dr. Johnson communicates complex ideas in a simple and down-to-earth manner. If you are a therapist, pastor, or lay counselor seeking the skills to manage difficult situations in counseling couples, this is the course for you!

Kainos Clinic Director, Tim Long, is already registered. To join him, follow the link below!


Adam is Moving

We are excited, but also saddened, to announce that this week Adam Fadel and his family are relocating to his hometown of Charlotte, NC. Adam will continue his career as a therapist, furthering the Kainos mission of filling the world with excellent Christian therapists. As a valued member of our staff he provided excellent care for our clients. He will be missed.

Welcome, Rebekah!

We would like to send a warm welcome to Rebekah D’Huet, our new therapist!  Rebekah has completed our intensive six week training program and has now officially joined our team.

We will get her biography up as soon as possible.  In the meantime, welcome Rebekah!

Marriage Seminar at Pacific Crossroads Church

This two-part series called “How Are We Doing, Really?” is designed to give couples the space to have meaningful conversations. Topics will include forgiveness, sex, community outside marriage, and finding oneness in marriage. These discussions will be led by pastors and key leaders in the PCC community.  It will take place on  Saturday, Aug 29 2015 (9:00 AM – 12:15 PM) and Saturday, Sep 12 2015 (9:00 AM – 12:15 PM).

Tim Long will be one of several speakers on September 12th.  For information on how to sign up for this two part series, go to: