What We Offer

We can help you

At Kainos Christian Therapy we help people with many challenges.  Some of the struggles we are working with clients on right now are:

  • marriage crisis
  • relationship crisis
  • sexual struggles
  • addictions
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • grief recovery
  • obsessive compulsive disorder
  • preparing for marriage
  • differentiation from family of origin
  • recovery from childhood abuse and neglect
Kainos OfficeTherapy with us usually consists of sessions once or twice a week.  A single session is fifty (50) minutes.  A double session is one hundred (100) minutes.  Your therapist will make a recommendation based on your particular situation and needs.

Would you like to speak to one of our therapists?  Just call our office at (310) 203-1510 and select option zero (0). One of our therapists will call you back at a time that is convenient for you.  If you would rather e-mail, contact us at tellmemore@kainoschristiantherapy.com.   One of our therapists will respond within the next business day.

How to Choose a Therapist

MirrorThere are so many therapists and therapeutic styles out there, it can be a little daunting to choose one and know he or she is right for you. Here are some questions you can ask a therapist in your initial phone call or first session in order to evaluate him or her:

  1. How do you believe people change?
  2. What does a session with you look like?
  3. What do you want me to do if therapy is bothering me or if it does not seem to me to be working?
  4. I am a Christian. (Or list your belief system). How do you counsel when faith is important to a client?

Just as important as WHAT a therapist says is HOW the therapist says it.  When you hear their answers, ask yourself, “Does this person sound compassionate, considerate, and loving?” and “Does this person sound professional?”  If the therapist does not feel right, trust that feeling.

Never be afraid to ask a therapist to explain what he or she is trying to do. This will help you get the most out of any therapy experience.

If you ask one of our therapists at Kainos Christian Therapy, here is the answer you will get:

  1. How do you believe people change?
    People change by the power of the Holy Spirit in the light of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God realized by faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ.  This Spirit empowered process has two parts: examining our hearts and obeying God’s commands or, as I call them, feeling and dealing.  People change for the better when they are feeling and dealing. People change for the worse when they are not feeling, not dealing, or both. I invite people to change for the better by helping them to recognize when they are not feeling and/or not dealing and then training them to move toward feeling and dealing.
  2. What does a session with you look like?
    An individual’s therapy session with me starts with a client bringing in a current-life problem. We then process his/her feelings about the problem through emotion focused work, make sense of the problem by using the resulting emotions to connect the problem with past experiences, look at the resulting emotions in the context of the therapeutic relationship to provide a corrective emotional experience, and then apply what we have learned toward a solution for the original problem.A couple’s session with me starts with a couple bringing in a current-life conflict. We then recreate the conflict to observe the interactional patterns both partners fall into and the emotions behind those patterns. Then we correct the pattern.  To do this I coach the clients through having a positive interaction. Our goal is to foster a secure attachment where both partners are most likely to be able to feel and deal.
  3. What do you want me to do if therapy is bothering me or if it does not seem to me to be working?
    If a client is experiencing any negative feelings toward me, I want them to tell me immediately so I can understand what is going on and we can work toward a solution.
  4. I am a Christian. How do you counsel when faith is important to a client?
    I approach therapy from a biblical world and life view. That means that I start with a biblical view of God and a biblical view of man and use that as a lens through which I evaluate secular counseling theory and practice. When a client shares my faith I do not hesitate to give biblical backing for my approach when asked and when we wrap up the session I will often show how what was revealed in the session corresponds to biblical truth.

Do I Have to Be A Christian?

You do not have to be a Christian to receive therapy from our clinicians.  You will be treated with the same unconditional love and respect we give every client, regardless of your personal beliefs.  At Kainos Christian Therapy we say, “We expose so that we do not impose.”  We tell you with our clinic name and in our conversations that we are Christians, coming from a Christian world view with corresponding values.  Our goal is that clients who are not Christians will not fill feel tricked or mislead.  Unconditional positive regard is a core requirement of excellent therapy.  If you ever feel your therapist is pushing an agenda or trying to convince you to change your personal beliefs, you should state your feelings directly to the therapist immediately so the issue can be resolved and you can feel safe in the therapeutic setting.

Why Christian Therapy?

105_4785_smallWe are Christians and we believe that the whole universe belongs to God.  Therefore, all science is God’s science.  Psychology and therapy are based on science.  Therefore, psychology and therapy are God’s.  If you use the Bible as the lens through which you see psychology, the therapeutic techniques that are widely accepted as effective agree with the teaching of the Bible.  Some of the techniques we use to serve our clients are psychodynamic affect focused therapy, emotionally focused therapy for couples and EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing).  These are proven to be successful techniques in the psychology world.  They are also ways God can use a therapist to help people to experience the love and freedom of Jesus Christ.

If you are a Christian, talking about your faith and feelings toward God can help.  We provide a safe setting for you to clearly process where you are in your faith journey and where you would like to be.  When people encounter Christ they change.  Through the Holy Spirit we work to embody Christ and give you a transformative experience.